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Wally of the Week

A long-standing tradition is the awarding of the Wally of the Week tee shirt. Here is a list of those who stand accused of incompetence and general stupidity.

  Year Wally Why
  2017 Howard Percy Bike falling off car on M18. Double puncture. Getting lost on a straight road.
  2016 Hannah Simpson Falling of bike while going up hill, and wheel falling off.
  2015 Alex Marchbank Bringing two left trainers - another quiet week!
  2014 Stephen Lake Setting fire to breakfast Croissant in teh rotary toaster. Leaving it there and causing a flaming bread logjam.
  2013 Tom Miles Locking his bike, loosing the key, cutting the lock then finding the key. Also Forgetting coat on wettest day of the year.
  2012 Tom Pelham & Emma Pym Falling over
  2011 Rev Geoff Stickland Being surprised that cycling with a ‘safe’ cup of coffee in the same bag as his sandwiches lead to a coffee flavoured sandwich
  2010 Simon “Tim” Percy Taking so long to get out of the closet
  2009 Harriet Mather Poking John, Touching wheels and ending up head first in a bush
  2008 Ben Carey drinking sun cream
  2007 Alexander Gillespy a variety of misdemeanours
  2006 Ben Willetts map-reading in a silly way
  2005 Sue Peach turning up on Sunday evening and going home on Monday morning
  2004 Dave Matthews jumping into a bunk-bed and breaking it
  2003 John Ware buying and trying to eat a frozen pasty
  2002 Ben Willetts somersaulting, with bike, over M-J
  2001 Caroline Ridley falling in the canal, and hitting a parked car
  2000 Phill Butler going home for the night for his wedding anniversary
  1999 Norman Breaking a stay whilst ringing up
  1998 Paul Cuthbert Redesigning his face and being hospitalised in the early hours of the morning
  1997 Simon Ridley & Dan Vernon trying to burn down Wenlock YHA
  1996 Sharon Smith Hitching a lift with her bike and the kind motorist accidentally leaving his parcel shelf on the side of the road
  1996 John Gwynne
Daring to argue with Geoff
  1994 Anthea Edwards Got a sickness bug and had to get the train to next hostel and beg to be let in. (It was a quiet week)
  1993 Geoff Stickland the infamous door incident (At Holford)
  1992 Adam Potter
Breaking a stay, hanging onto the rope and smashing a light fitting with his feet 20' in the air.
  1991 Sharon Smith
Poking her fingers into her front wheel while riding
  1990 Elizabeth Reynolds going into the shower (possibly fully clothed) and certainly with her towel around her neck.
  1989 Thomas Stickland
For crashing into a parked car
  1988 ??  
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